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Quick Steps to Install Kaspersky Secure Connection on Windows

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Quick Steps to Install Kaspersky Secure Connection on Windows

Kaspersky Secure Connection offers different tools and options to provide Internet security to its users. It allows secure online browsing by establishing a private connection between the user and the Internet network connection.
It can be used as a standalone application or as an additional feature with Kaspersky Free, Internet Security, and Total Security antivirus software. You can buy Kaspersky Internet Security online for better online security and improved performance.

The antivirus works by hiding your real IP address and transferring data via an encrypted channel. In addition to that, it prevents hackers from tracking your location. You can also protect your passwords and do secure online shopping and banking.

To install Kaspersky Secure Connection on your Windows computer, follow the steps below-

  • Open your web browser and go to the Kaspersky Lab website.
  • Choose the product you want to download.
  • Click on Download option.
  • Leave it for few minutes and when the download is finished.
  • An .exe file will be downloaded on your system.
  • Double-click that file and click Run to continue the installation.
  • Kaspersky antivirus window appears on the desktop screen.
  • On this window, click Install.
  • Read the License Agreement carefully and select the checkbox to accept it.
  • Check the Network statement and accept it.
  • A User Account Control window will appear. Click Install here.
  • Enter the administrator credentials and hit Yes.
  • Let it install on your computer and click Finish.

It is now ready for use. If you want to download and install other products of Kaspersky family, seek help from us. We also provide instructions to install Secure Connection on Mac, iOS, and Android devices. In addition to that, we also provide products for purchase. If you want ultimate Internet security along with Secure Connection, Buy Kaspersky Antivirus Online from us. It is a comprehensive security suite with strong protection features from viruses and cyber threats.

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